Commissioners allocate funds for special attorney


The Weston County commissioners unanimously approved an expenditure for a special attorney to represent County Clerk Jill Sellers in the dispute over the candidacy of Gillette attorney Alex Berger for Weston County attorney. Berger was granted a writ of mandamus by District Judge John G. Fenn on June 21, allowing him to appear on the primary election ballot. Commissioner Tracy Hunt made the request for a special attorney. 

Berger originally filed for the writ of mandamus with Gidget Macke, clerk of the Fourth District Court, on June 4 after Sellers had denied his application to be on the ballot. Berger claimed there are no residency guidelines for county attorney in Wyoming law and that he therefore has the right to appear on the Weston County ballot despite his residency in Campbell County

Fenn granted the writ of mandamus after a brief court hearing, ordering Sellers to place Berger’s name on the ballot. Fenn stated that he “fundamentally adopts the argument that those issues may be resolved through contesting of the election and Wyoming has guidelines on how to proceed.”Hunt said that he believes an attorney other than current County Attorney William Curley should  represent Sellers in any future proceedings and answer any questions Sellers may have. 


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