Commish raises were completely unnecessary


Dear Editor,

Stop the raises. Now the groceries, rent, and taxes will go up! Stop the merry go round. 

We on S.S. got a total raise in the last four years of seven or eight percent. Now county commissioners give everybody a whooping raise of 20 percent. County commissioners should stop spending more than they receive.

County commissioners have other jobs for their income. They don’t need a 20 percent raise! They can buy their own health insurance. We do.   

In fact we don’t need five county commissioners, and we don’t need a county coroner! When I moved to Newcastle in the 80’s, there were only three county commissioners at $600 per month, and no county coroner, and the commissioners got their own insurance. But someone convinced the commissioners to go to five commissioners so his buddy would get elected and have a job. We do not need five county commissioners, and no coroner. A doctor can be called if needed. 

I thought better of you county commissioners. We don’t need to keep up with the Joneses. Twenty percent raises is outrageous!

We only need three county commissioners, not five, and no coroner. Give the men that work the raise of 20 percent, not yourselves.  

—Cal Huber 


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