Coaching is Therapy


From competing to coaching— and even coaching while competing— Scott and Kathy Beehler have always had a passion for athletics. Driven by a combined love for kids and sports, the Beehlers have coached in every town they’ve lived, season after season, year after year. Even to this day, with their three kids grown and out of the house, the Beehlers continue to coach in any area of athletics that interests them without any plans of slowing down.

“Whatever I’m doing, I like doing!” Kathy exclaimed. “See that’s the problem, any time I could cut back, I find something else I like to do.”

Scott said that they still don’t know what an empty nest feels like, as the Beehlers have always maintained an open door policy for their student athletes. In fact, Kathy’s motherly instincts reach beyond her own kids to her athletes. As head coach of the Newcastle Cross Country team, Kathy brings her runners a popsicle every night after practice, along with peanut and apple butter on graham crackers to fuel them after their workout. She also feeds the team breakfast on Saturday mornings post-practice.


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