Children’s center gears up for developmental screenings


Abby Gray

NLJ Correspondent

With school right around the corner, it might be easy for parents to remember to grab a new backpack, stock up on pencils, and get all the cutest new clothes for the coming year. However, Weston County Children’s Center is concerned more with making sure children in the community are developmentally prepared for the coming year.

The center is gearing up for its annual mass developmental screening, which will be held Aug. 30-31 in Newcastle and Aug. 29 in Upton.

 “This is our mass screening that we do for the public, where we set it up and you can make appointments and come in,” said Kim Bock, the center’s special education coordinator. “We have hearing, vision, and most of the time, we have dental during that time. But we do screenings anytime a parent calls. So, we do them ongoing, but then we do a mass screening one or two times a year.”


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