Charles Curley ousted as Wyoming Republican Party Secretary

(March 8, 2018, Cheyenne) According to a press release from the party, the Wyoming Republican Party Executive Committee met via teleconference on March 7, 2018.  The committee is comprised of the state party officers plus seven State Central Committee (SCC) members from around the state.
“The Executive Committee followed Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct the meeting.  Two motions were made.  The first was a motion to suspend the duties, powers, and responsibilities of party secretary Charles Curley.  The second motion directed Chairman W. Frank Eathorne to set a  meeting of the SCC for the purpose of removing Curley from position of party secretary. Both motions passed.  Party bylaws prescribe a 10-day notice before a full SCC meeting.  The date is pending feedback from SCC members as to the earliest date the majority are available to attend the in-person meeting.  It will be a closed session.  Once the outcome of the meeting is determined, a press release will follow,” the release stated.
“It is the goal of the Wyoming Republican Party to resolve this matter expeditiously with all due respect and dignity to it’s many members and the public,” it concluded.
Here is a release issued a day earlier that explains steps taken prior to the March 8 actions by the party:
(March 7, 2018, Cheyenne)  Wyoming Republican Party leadership has been taking action on an alleged altercation reported on the evening of February 23, 2018. Immediately after receiving a complaint by WYGOP Executive Director Kristi Wallin, several executive members of the party were notified. Eyewitnesses were identified and interviewed.

Chairman W Frank Eathorne said, “State party executive members took immediate action upon receiving the complaint of a dispute. Then, steps were taken to effectively eliminate further contact between the involved parties.”
A prescribed due process to review and decide the matter continues. Chairman Eathorne added, “Our by-laws and Robert’s Rules govern how this assembly may act and we are following the process on a rigorous timeline. A decision can be expected on this matter soon but is currently bound by confidentiality by the rules until a final outcome is reached. The executive team is charged with the first phase of determining the facts of the alleged altercation. The Wyoming Republican Party views all mistreatment of others and potential acts of aggression as serious until proven otherwise. This isolated incident is not in any way exemplary of how we as individuals and representatives of the party conduct ourselves. If one examines the manner in which we carry on business daily, a track record of respect, dignity, and genuine care for the issues and each other remain observably intact.”


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