Celebrating 70 years of bliss


KateLynn Slaamot

NLJ Correspondent

“You kind of have to pinch yourself sometimes to realize you’ve been married for 70 years,” said Don Gose, who recently celebrated his 70th wedding anniversary with his wife, Eda, as well as a long and happy life together. According to the still-smitten man, it just keeps getting “better and better.”

“We had our first date on the Fourth of July,” Eda said. The couple went to Belle Fourche for the rodeo and carnival that was held for the holiday on their first date in 1947, and they were married by the next year. They got married on June 14, 1948, when Eda was 19 years old and Don was 21.

“I was always enamored with him,” said Eda, noting that Don was everything she looked for in a man – kind and quite the gentleman.  Don was always kind to other women around him, including his mother and sisters, which impressed Eda, she said. 


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