Capitalism is our gift to ourselves


Dear Editor,

Mr. Baird continues to write letters on the same subjects — tax cuts do not help the low income people and capitalism is bad for the people. (“It is our economic system that is failing,” May 17, 2018, page 3).

The reason low income people do not receive a tax cut is because they pay no income tax. Fifty percent of the people pay no income tax, and 10 percent pay 90 percent of the tax, so naturally the ones who pay receive the cuts.

Taxes are the fees we pay for the privelages we receive from our society.   The low income people do benefit in other ways.  When taxes go down, there are more jobs and the opportunity for higher pay. That is the way the progressive system works.

As for capitalism being bad, for thousands of years since mankind first developed agriculture, life was just an existence system, and still is in some places today. Until about 300 to 400 years ago, life for most people was a hand to mouth existence where food and shelter were the goals for existence for most, except the few who were the rulers.

The bulk of the people were either laborers or soldiers. Then somethng happened in England when the reformation occured.  

Christianity changed and the concept of freedom made the people aware that the individual could own and sell his service. With freedom came inventions, and the people began to develop their own ideas and business began to grow. Some were successful and some were not, just as today. The more successful became capitalists, and the less successful became workers.

Capitalists are just like the average people. Some are greedy, and most are not. It is the greedy ones who get the blame for everyone else. The rest are the people who build hospitals, schools and many things that benefit the public. Some do it for recognition, and many just do it as gifts in return for their own good fortune.  

Capitalism has been the greatest gift mankind could give to itself. It is because of capitalism that we do not have to spend all of our  time and energy just staying alive, and have leisure time to enjoy life.

Our life can be good or bad depending on what we do with it, and the choices we make about how to live it.

—Don Thorson


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