Candidates continue to file


Filing for state, federal, county and municipal offices began on May 17 and will continue through June 1. Candidates have continued to file for different offices at each of the different levels, resulting in a mostly packed ballot for the upcoming primary election. 

Those filing for state and federal offices do so through the Secretary of State office while local candidates file with the local county clerk for county seats and at the city office for city seats. 

As of May 29, according to the Secretary of State website, incumbent Ogden Driskill has filed to once again fill his seat in Senate District 1 with Lenard D. Seeley and Judy McCullough entering the race. Both Cheri E. Steinmetz of Lingle and Martin Gubbels of Torrington have filed to take the senate seat for District 3 left vacant by Curt Meier, who is running for the position of Wyoming State Treasurer.


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