Big business is not inherently evil


Dear Editor,

A few comments on Jerry Baird dooming our future:

The Department of Interior does not give away mineral rights. They are put up for competitive bids and return millions of dollars to the treasury. It also takes millions to develop them, so it is only natural that they could be purchased by large companies.

If you would listen to something besides CNN you could find out that tax reductions are real, but it is difficult to reduce taxes for people who do not pay any tax. The largest percentage reductions are going to the lower income rates

What is your problem with the Koch brothers giving money for a cause they believe in? They are good businessmen who own businesses which employ thousands of people and produce products we use every day. Contrast them with George Soros, who funds several liberal causes and made billions in stocks and trading currencies, which only benefits himself or Tom Steyer, who made billions  in the market and has put up $20 million to remove Trump

I do not agree with everything Trump says or does, but his list of achievements is certainly impressive.

The comments you make could probably be applied to any other country and government.  There will always be those who are better placed to take advantage of their position in life. Life will never be fair for everyone.

—Don Thorson


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