Arts council prepares for August event


Abby Gray

NLJ Correspondent

Thomas Voss was known for the plays he used to put on in Newcastle, and in February when community members asked him when he would put on another, he one-upped them with the idea of an arts council, which has now come to life. According to Voss, he passed the idea around to some people in the community, and many jumped on board.

“It is a group of people in Weston County who want to see the arts promoted,” Voss said. “We intend to offer lessons and workshops, and various ways people can get involved in the arts, young and old.”

The Weston County Arts Council consists of its president, Mark Williams; secretary, Brenda Mahoney-Ayers; treasurer, Voss; and directors, Norma Shelton, Cathy Dunford, Jimmie Josephson, Jessica Graham and Rhonda Stearns. 


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