A proactive resolution


Weston County received funds in the form of a $300,000 grant from the State Land and Investment Board to aid with upgrading and remodeling the courthouse. Because of funding concerns, the county has yet to begin the second-floor work at the building. On Dec. 19, County Clerk Jill Sellers reported that she received an email stating that the grant would be voided after the first of the year if documentation on where the county’s matching funds would come from was not received by the board. Commissioner Marty Ertman said she was concerned about designating potential funds for the match given the county’s financial straits.

In hopes of securing the grant, while leaving their options open for matching funds, the commissioners approved a resolution identifying the matching funds on Jan. 2. Sellers assured the board that while the resolution did not obligate the funds, it did say that the county has funds available for the match, in order to continue its eligibility.


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