A history of success


News Letter welcomes another award winner

Abby Gray

NLJ Correspondent

From Oregon to Montana and Colorado, back to Montana and finally landing in Wyoming – for the time being – Jennifer Kocher has made Newcastle and the News Letter Journal her temporary home.

“Moving to Newcastle and doing freelance (writing) is more or less a reset for me right now,” Kocher said. “I’m kind of trying to figure out what to do next while I freeload off my boyfriend, who is awesome and supportive and who moved here just over a year ago to work as a jet fuel driver.”

Though Kocher said she is freeloading, the awards she has racked up this year, and through the duration of her career, say otherwise. This year, she earned honorable mention in the fiction category at the Wyoming Arts Council Fellowship for her short stories titled “How to Survive Night Class” and “Inner Circles.” She admitted to being a bit disappointed in her honorable mention, the second honorable mention in two years she has won in the competition (last year she won honorable mention in the creative nonfiction category) but said she is eager to win next time around.


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