A few bad apples don’t spoil the capitalist bunch


Dear Editor,

 Jerry Baird seems to have a rather distorted view of capitlism. (re: “Capitalists are nothing like average people,” May 31, 2018, page 2)  

Capitalism is the lynchpin of our economy and Capitalists are average people who have found another way to make a living for themselves by selling something they have developed to other people.  There are some who try to take advantage of the situation, just as there are in any form of life. It is interesting that some of the biggest frauds are by poor people on poor people.

He contradicts himself by saying the capitalists pay the politicians to keep from having to pay taxes but who are the 10 percent who pay 90 percent of the taxes? That 10 percent who pay the billions in taxes must be the dumb ones who do not pay the politicians.

I must be one of those capitalists he talks about, but I think I am pretty average. I may have a higher income because I have been fortunate to be a partner in a 70 year old family business. I must be doing something wrong though bcause I have to pay about 50 percent of my income in taxes.  

I contribute to politicians who I think are trying to run the country in a way I would like it to be run, but I receive no favors from them and am generally happy if a few of them get it right.  

I do get some deductions for contributions to the community and to schools, but the contributions are greater than the deductions.

Jerry lumps most of the capitalists in one barrel as bad, but remember they are generally running a company and their first duty is to the hundreds or thousands of shareholders who own stock in the company they run.

—Don Thorson


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